How to make money from sport betting

It is the dream of every active sports weather – once a really big win. But it is precisely this way of thinking that is wrong. Anyone who speculates on very high odds, large stakes and thus on the unique profit will inevitably fail. He will make a thousand attempts and experience new disappointments. It’s not impossible for him to fail his entire life with his betting slips. If you really want to earn money with sports betting at, you should build up your strategy in the long term. The goal is not to make a big profit, the constant small yields are important, according to the motto “Small cattle make a lot of crap“. The bets should be considered a little business. It is no mistake to see sports betting as a business. Below we would like to give you a few tips on how you can earn money with sports betting.


  • Meeting the bookmaker with expert knowledge
  • Serious management is the cornerstone of our business
  • Betting markets and options must be known
  • Combination tips should be avoided
  • Live betting only for fun


Betting a to z

Unfortunately, many sports betting users act according to the motto “because you don’t know what they are doing“. The basic prerequisite for making money from sports betting is knowledge. Those who merely call up the bookmaker’s pages and place their tips from the gut will fail. Every customer should know exactly what is behind the betting markets and options. The risks and peculiarities of the possible applications must be known. As with any athlete, training is about to be a success. In the figurative sense, this also applies to sports betting. For beginners, we recommend the Pinnacle Sports Lexicon. The bookmaker explains the 1×1 sports betting from A to Z on his website.

The second knowledge factor concerns sport itself. Only the user who knows his way around the leagues, sports and competitions will be successful. Of course, there are thousands of small national coaches in Germany who know everything better anyway. At the latest at the time of betting, the masters will notice that their expertise is not so good. Before a tip is placed, extensive information about the encounters and the opponent should be obtained. Shape curves, player losses, statistics of any kind are used to minimize the risk. Every tip-off is a small competition between bookmaker and customer, whereby the supplier starts with a slight superiority. Only those who are able to compare a high level of specialist knowledge with the bookmaker’s advantage will be able to earn money in the long term with sports betting.


Tips from professional betting playerIt is undisputed that there are numerous professional users who actually earn money permanently with sports betting. While the recreational gamblers like to bet their favourite teams at very good odds, the pros have absolutely no emotions. Stubborn betting according to own rules. Whoever is exactly opposite each other in a game is of secondary importance. Certainly, the professional players have their sympathies as well, but betting will hide them.

In general, the successful sports weather does not rely on combinations. As pleasant as the fast money may be, ultimately the risk factor prevails. Each additional match on a betting slip increases the probability of loss. The professional players generally only choose solo tips. Tip: We recommend that you follow this procedure, although small 2 and 3 player combinations are not prohibited in a sports betting strategy for recreational players.

The live bets are fascinating. The real-time tips provide suspense and extra adrenaline. However, a professional sports weather will never place its bets in the live area. Decisions have to be made within a few seconds. A detailed analysis of odds and games is not possible.


Keep in mind sports betting

A decisive factor for successful sports betting career is your own foundation – the financial bankroll. The term comes from financial accounting and means nothing more than seed capital. If you want to earn money with sports betting, you have to stand on a secure financial footing.

When calculating the bankroll, it is important that only free money is included. Before starting sports betting, make an in-depth and above all honest analysis of your finances. Only include capital that you don’t need for other, more important things in life. Your rents, your insurance, your next holiday, your cost of living and a certain reserve should be secured for the coming months. You are welcome to invest the surplus you have left in sports betting.

Your own money management can be built on the foundation pillar, the bankroll. This may vary from player to player depending on the strategy. However, it is important to work with low stakes in general. On average, a maximum of three to five percent of the available money should be placed on a bet. From our point of view, the risk-dependent use is also recommended. Assess the game and your bet on the scale from 1 to 10, and if you are 100% sure that the desired result will be achieved, invest 10% of your capital. Go to an absolute outsider limit their play sum to one percent.

You should also keep an account of your bets. Compare income and expenditure in a profit and loss account. They never lose track of their financial situation.
If you have some winnings, then you can cash them out instead of striving for further profits by raising your bets.

Earning money with sports betting is possible. The decisive factor is discipline. If you follow a few basic rules and have the necessary knowledge, you can make steady and not inconsiderable profits. However, it is a fact that most sports weather is always tempting and deviates from your own, correct specifications. For example, the combination bets will be blown up according to the motto “one goes still“. Whoever has a handle on himself and can eliminate all emotions will earn money with sports betting in the long term.

How to Make Money From Sports Betting