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2016 AFWC Board


Lauren Smith, President

I took a little time off the bike last year while chasing a BQ marathon, but I’m ready for 2016 to bring me back to fun days in the saddle with my pals. I’m probably the easiest person to talk into doing a century on a whim, and if you decide that 2016 is the year for you to get super strong with our awesome sponsor Driven, you *definitely* want me on your Holiday Fitness Challenge team!

Jennifer Kasprzyk, Vice-President

I relocated to Austin from New York City four years ago in search of year-round cycling and haven’t looked back. While I spent the latter half of 2015 recovering from a neck injury, I’m ready for 2016 to get me back into century shape.

Michelle Veale, Treasurer

I’m a long-time cyclist and triathlete, and have been a Flyer for four years. I try to get as much time in on the bike as I can between my real job managing billion-dollar budgets and shuttling my amazing teenage daughter to dance studios, performances and home.