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Austin Flyers Women’s Cycling

Dearest Flyers & Friends,

Since the Flyers were founded 15 years ago, we’ve seen so much change in women’s cycling, especially here in Austin. Throughout our years, we strove to find ways to empower women in our community to do more on their bikes – whether they were just getting started, gearing up for a big event, or taking the podium at races. In recent years, we have been overjoyed with the amount of support and excitement the larger cycling community has shown women in Austin. We’ve seen a great rise in the next generation of women’s racing, more shops offering women-specific clubs and rides, and more groups of gals riding together. Our vision of helping carve out a space for women’s cycling in Austin has been realized.

With that, the Flyers will be disbanding at the end of 2016. We sincerely hope that we’ll all keep riding, smiling, and being great members of the Austin cycling community. We encourage y’all to check out Bike Austin’s list of group rides and Cycleast’s fantastic group rides hosted by Phenom and Team Snacks.

Closing this chapter is bittersweet for all of us, but we’re incredibly proud to have been a great part of cycling history in Austin. We thank you all for coming on this fantastic ride with us.

So long and don’t forget to keep the rubber side down!
Austin Flyers